Kathy Boyd launched her decorative painting business, KB Designs, in 1998 which services both the residential and commercial industries. Kathy is a member of several local foundations and is the creator of the Desperate Interiors makeover contest which takes place in Duluth, MN  Kathy has served as a marketing committee member for IDAL, contributor of Miller Dwan's ArtCetera, past committee member of March of Dimes, founder of Duluth Design Center and member of the Duluth Preservation and Alliance. 

In 2004 Kathy created the online message forum, Talk Faux International, when she recognized an industry need to bring decorative painters together in a non-competitive way for networking and friendship, to help instructors and schools get recognition and promote the products manufactured for the professional. Kathy followed the success of Talk Faux with the creation of the House of Faux website in early 2005, the largest resource site specifically for decorative artists and muralists. Once those two online sites had been established, Ms. Boyd created Art Fusion, a social networking site specifically for decorative painting artisans which  boasts a huge European following and flair and Artist's Underground was created to provide low cost website design and hosting to artists. They are unilaterally among four of the most important networking and knowledge sites available online for the faux finishing industry.

In part to give instructors more promotion and to give students a unique and all encompassing way of learning, Kathy founded Faux Retreat under her business theArt Nest.  Faux Retreats are typically 5 days of classes at a remote location.  Everyone stays together during the 5 days with meals and lodging included in the price.

Through her business KB Media360, Kathy offers services including on-site and off-site marketing, class and instructor development, class and product promotion, event promotion, website and blog building and business services.  In addition, Kathy also teaches, Getting and Maintaining a Web Presence.

Kathy now has several social media groups including Faux Business and Marketing, FauxCetera, House of Faux and Faux Retreat groups on Facebook.

For more information you can go to www.kbdesigns.biz or houseoffaux @gmail.com

House of Faux
Bringing the world of decorative artists together
Established February 2006

House of Faux, Inc. encompasses a consortium of websites, each were built with different functions, but with one goal in mind. To bring the world of decorative artists together. To provide, networking, FAMILY, jobs, resources and services to decorative artists and muralists. We pride ourselves on having brought a vast array of original and unique features to decorative artists through our sites.

Talk Faux forum
International forum for decorative artists
Founded November 2005  New owner 2010

Talk Faux was the first forum built entirely for all decorative artists and muralists that allowed the discussion and promotion of all products, services and schools without bias. . Talk Faux is known as an International forum for its many members from around the world. Used primarily by professionals, TF is the place to go to get help with an upcoming or current project, get inspiration, or just connect with fellow artists. Features; Custom profiles, forum photo gallery, video gallery, Classifieds (members can buy and sell with direct payment going to their PayPal account), language translation, monthly featured artists, chat room, job listings. Members can customize their profiles with custom backgrounds, music, personal photo gallery and video and friends requests. Talk Faux has become the most active forum for decorative artists.

Talk Faux is proud to call some of the most distinguished leaders in the industry as moderators. All moderators bring a unique contribution and appeal to the forum.

Art Fusion
Established December 2008 

Art Fusion is the ultimate social networking spot for artists of all kinds from around the world. Just some of the many features it boasts, customized pages, personal slideshow, personal video gallery, chat room, forum, Event announcements with automatic confirmation from your guests. You can also connect your gallery instantly with your Facebook account. Plus, you can use your Art Fusion gallery on your own website, blog, social network or anywhere else you want to show off your work. Want to start your own group? You can here! Form your own group and set it to public or private access. You have control!  Just some of the current groups on Art Fusion include Meet the Bloggers, Canvas Creations, Gilders Cafe.

Faux Retreat
Debut retreat September 2009

Faux Retreats are held in the style of the traditional old European painters where students lived together sharing the expertise of an instructor while experiencing a connection and unique form of family with other students.

Retreats are all inclusive. Live, eat, learn and play on a beautiful 170 acre private residence in Northern Wisconsin.

Two classes with two instructors spliting the week.
Extra mini classes. Can include business, marketing, photography, legal, web..
Faux Challenge. Students have to come up with a finish based on the products given them. They are only allowed a certain amount of time to do this and works are then submitted annonomously to be judged. This is a signature of the retreat!
Custom canvas. At weeks start, students are given a framed canvas and are encouraged to work on their canvas during the week, using leftover product from their class samples. Students are then encourged to add this to their services to clients or showcase in a local gallery or store.

Some of the spa features may include, yogo, reiki, massage, Zumba dance instruction, parafin hand treatments.

Retreats are held in the spring and fall in Wisconsin.

There is also a rotating retreat held in the late fall. These retreats will be held in other states and feature at least one local instructor.

Artists Underground

Artists Underground was born to provide all artists with an affordable way to showcase their work specifically to prospective clients, and with the addition of the artist's referral system, potential clients can fill out a form based on their specific needs.

Artists Portfolio - Free - Not only do you get your own personal portfolio, but you can also be a part of a growing community and network with other artists.

Features: Unique Url You can have your very own URL. This is especially useful for those who do not have a website and want to be able to list their own domain name on their marketing material.

Facebook connect: One click connection to Facebook for login, update your status and photo sharing.

Personal photo albums
Personal video channel
Groups, music and chat.

Website hosting - hosting plans starting at $2.50 month Affordable hosting plans for every artist. We can host your existing site or build a new one. Fast and reliable customer support.

Website Builder - Are you wanting a professional-looking Web site but lack the budget to hire a designer? With our SiteBuilder Pro. website builder software you can create a professional grade website in about 15 minutes! All you have to do is answer a few questions, choose your category and style, then pick a design ... our SiteBuilder software will quickly create the appropriate pages and images to match your category and style, all in about 15 minutes!

Showcase sites - Custom websites for artists. These are a portfolio of custom made websites for artists. All are unique and are fully featured with everything you need including a photo gallery, Take it as is and add your own photos and text or we can do it for you. There will also be several ecommerce sites to choose from. Your website should reflect your work.

Website marketing and optimization services.


The ultimate "come together" for decorative artists. Come for the weekend and camp out or stay in one of the local motels. This is meant to be an affordable way for artists and vendors to get together and have fun and network. There will also be a first come, first sign up to anyone wanting to set up a table to demo their products or promote their school or business. Did we mention the bands? Far out!

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