Gerhard & Bambi Mounet-Lipp

Atelier ML ( ML Mural Art ) is a husband and wife team. Summer 2008 Gerhard and Bambi have moved to Europe, to there new home and studio in Ort im Innkreis, Austia.  They are specialized in European style Trompe L'oeil, decorative wall painting, faux painting & custom wall murals for the exterior and interior - each mural is unique and an original - they are custom designed to capture architecture & atmosphere, as well as to reflect harmoniously the personal references of colors and design.

There work can be found nationally and internationally - USA ( Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming ) – Canada ( Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan ) as well in Austria and Germany in resorts, hotels, restaurants, and many homes. Numerous times it has been featured in news papers, magazines and on several television stations.

Gerhard was born (Linz, Austria) into a family of artists where techniques and skills where handed down from generation to generation. After receiving his college degree in photography, he became interested in traditional folk art paintings on furniture. With assistance from several fellow artists he was able to enhance his knowledge of folk art painting. Becoming a self-taught decorative painter and mural artist specialized in mural artistry, decorative painted furniture, and exterior/ interior house decoration as well in the restoration techniques of decorative paintings & furniture. Spending over 25 years in the USA and Canada creating decorative wall paintings for his cliental, he also was teaching folk art painting in art centers, schools and private organizations. When 2001 Bambi (New York City) came into his live, a long time dream of Gerhard came thru, painting side by side with his life partner on all the future art projects. Bambi a fine art artist,
got the love for art from her father, who was a well known fine artist skilled in various techniques, and her mother who is also a practicing fine artist, Bambi received the perfect background and love to start and to discover her own creativity. Bambi, a self taught artist, enjoys painting landscapes, wildlife and still life in oil, as well pencil drawings and pastel. Her art work has been shown numerous times in various art shows.


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