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IDAL Program Membership

Welcome to the IDAL Member Insurance Program for 2009-2010! We have listened to your feedback in past years and are pleased to present a much improved program, including enhanced cost, coverage, and service. We have already seen a tremendous, positive response to the new program and always welcome your feedback and ideas. Your direct IDAL Program Manager is Adam Kling and he can be reached at the insurance member benefit line at 866.916.9420 or at Please identify yourself as an IDAL member.

*Due to the great program response, we are asking that our members complete the quick and easy online application and online purchase option if possible. This will insure accuracy and great service moving forward.

Again, thank you so much for your support! We will continue to look for ways to support our membership as you work and grow your businesses.

IDAL Insurance Program Overview


* The policy provides up to $1,000,000 per claim, with a $3,000,000 aggregate limit per insured for third party injury or property damage liability coverage. A $250.00 each occurrence deductible applies.

* The policy also provides $10,000 per claim, to a $25,000 aggregate limit, for client's property in the care and custody of IDAL members.

* Coverage is limited to Operations necessary and Incidental to Decorative Painting, Decorate Plastering, and Wall Stenciling.

* The IDAL Insurance program is available only to the following IDAL membership levels: Home Based, Professional and Business Partner of the International Decorative Artisans League. Membership must be in good standing.

* Coverage is provided for anyone who works exclusively for the named insured and only under his or her trade. Anyone who is considered a subcontractor needs to have their own insurance.

* Each policy will be issued on a 12 month basis from your effective date chosen.

* An Additional Insurance form is available for those who need it. However, we ask that you notify us of anyone who requests that you include an additional insured in their favor.

Program Cost

* Program Cost to Insured and Policy Copy: $312.00 (This total includes all taxes and fees)

*The program must be paid in full in order for coverage to begin.

IDAL Insurance Program

* Email:

* Fax: 801-553-2595

For any question regarding the IDAL Insurance Program, please call:

1-866-916-9420 (toll free)


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