Istvan Torok

After demanding and perilous travels throughout Europe, years that became decades of studying and learning from the old masters, I came to settle and hone my talents in America. It only made sense to me that this was the place where my talents would be needed. America was to me an empty canvas that could use a little paint. While this was the place where everything can be had, it seemed that old school art was omitted from the pages of history. While everything was leaning towards modern and simplified, with interiors and finishes out of a can or a box of furniture that can be bought in small numbered boxes in pretty colors. I sensed the need for art, real hand-made art. Finishes that not only resemble, but are the real thing; unique masterpieces on their own.

Museum quality work that can be found in the most demanding capitals of Europe. I set out to create a team that shared and lived my ideals. Over the past years I have created and become one of the few studios that can give a piece of history back. Our finishes complete your home, your furniture, you. Your home becomes a part of history and an extension of you. Guaranteed.

Artist Istvan Torok

Graduated the prestigious Academia De Arte Visuale "Ion Andreescu" from Transylvania, Ro 1992-1998 with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts.

He is specialized in the Old Masters Technique, Classical Painting, Restoration, Murals, Frescoes, Venetian Plasters, Tadelakt, Clay Plasters, Stucco Lustro, Scagliola, Sgrafitto, Stenciling, Glazing, Gilding, Metal Embossing etc, etc., he used to call these simply - Artistic Finishes.

Through many years of restoration and refinishing projects in the cathedrals and museums of Europe, Istvan was fortunate enough to work under the last of the real Masters in Europe.  He also had a few of the real Old Masters from Transylvania and Budapest as teachers.

This has been the learning point of the techniques kept secret for centuries by different art studios that Istvan displays in his masterpieces and the genesis of a new and refined style second to none, a style that is undoubtedly unique!

About Torok Studio

We are a group of young talent and ambition most known for our museum quality work.

We are very creative, original and our most important goal is to provide the highest quality and precision and we take much pride in what we do.

Working together in the USA since 2000 we have decorated numerous homes and satisfied the most demanding clients in Nevada , California and Florida. Some of our clients are Hollywood celebrities or other important people who's identity we cannot disclose on these pages.

Trusting your home to our skillful hands and artistic eyes you can be sure the result of our work will be like a magic touch.

Interiors and walls are going to come alive; we'll transform simple rooms in impressive works of art.

If you want to raise the value of your home, create a more artistic and elegant interior or simply to impress, your project is in the right hands.


  1. How do you spend your time, Istvan? Do you remember me?I am Rori Takacs from MAROSVASARHELY.Nos, en jogasz lettem, de te messze jutottal, gratulalok.Ha felismertel, leirom e/mail cimem:

  2. Wow you are something else .
    I am a professional painter but I have never seen anything like this museum art work of yours .
    I am a friend of Ilona Vojtila of L.A.
    Give me a call if you have some time to talk .
    Attila Matyas


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