Krista Vind

Krista Vind is owner and principal artisan of “Ufauxrea” in northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast. 

People are often curious about the company name…since one of Krista’s principal aims has always been to create a sense of euphoria in her clients spaces, it wasn’t a great stretch for her to choose….
“Ufauxrea   (yoo*fo’ree*
ǝ) n. A sense of great well being and joy—about your home.”

She began her artistic journey in decorative painting in 1995 like most, painting primarily for friends but the response to her works encouraged her to delve deeper and make doing what she loved a full time business. After about 5 years of working in the field and searching for more information, products, and techniques, she took an advanced class at The Faux Finish School in Louisville, KY from Martin Alan Hirsch.
Ironically, she has come full circle and is now a licensed Faux Effects Instructor and educates students at the school, where she teaches the RS Series “The Next Level” class, the most comprehensive course of study in the country in this patented system. She also teaches the “Contemporary Flair” class, the RS Crete “Tough Enough” class, and new this year a Stucco Lux Metallic Plasters class.

Her experience in the field, distinctive style and use of color (which often involves shades of teal!) are evident, making her classes much sought after for their creativeness and artistry.
She serves as ongoing technical advisor to the graduates of the programs and strives to provide the highest quality education and unique portfolio of finishes for students, and ultimately their clients.

In addition to her busy teaching schedule, she runs a thriving business working along the coast and across the southeast US. She is known locally for her professionalism in managing large scale commercial and residential commissions. Krista travels regularly, networking, studying, and experimenting in order to remain a forerunner in this rapidly evolving industry. She says that there are so many talented people in the industry, there is inspiration everywhere and there is something to learn from every decorative artist. One of the best parts of her journey has been the wonderful people she has met along the way.
She has recently opened up an online store with unique items for the decorative painter, including beautiful handmade Portfauxlio carriers, brush bags, brushes, and in collaboration with her friend, Cindy Everett, cabinet sample blanks.

Krista is a founding member of Sisters Hands, a small group of seasoned decorative artists whose goals are to reach out to others in the industry and offer valuable information, advice, and support as well as encourage and collaborate with each other. This month the group sent out their first newsletter, offering a product review, free recipe, class info, industry accolades, and member info. Sisters Hands are currently working on a class exclusively for IDAL chapters that will feature some unique finishes resulting from our yearly Faux Play events. Please visit the Sisters Hands website at for more information.
Her work has been featured in publications such as Paint and Wallcovering Contractor Magazine, Faux Effects World, Modello by Design, Emerald Coast Magazine, the Destin Log, and in online feature articles. She has donated her talents for the benefit of Walton County Habitat for Humanity .

When asked about what the future holds, Krista says “I don’t really know, I am living my dream right now and am so blessed. I only pray for many more days just like today.”

Krista and her husband, Clay, have three children, Jessica, Dane, and Gage, and recently became grandparents to baby Wyatt. When she isn’t busy creating a faux explosion in her studio, she enjoys brewing beer, beach time,her pets, kayaking, fishing, wrestling tournaments, the shooting range, and everything teal!
Krista and Clay are currently marketing their patent pending decorative invention.

Please visit her at


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