Laurence Filet

Laurence Filet is a professional gilder from Paris and has been working internationally for over ten years on various gilding projects. In 2006, she created her own business based in California, near San Francisco:

Master Gilders, and is dedicated to providing the highest professional standards in oil and water gilding to individuals, private collectors,

professional designers, fine artists, architects and museums. Laurence uses traditional techniques and methods, combined with new technologies in both classical and modern idioms. Her gilding projects include architectural gilding: statues, sculptures, walls, railings, gates,staircases, ceilings, cornices, columns, decorative art objects: furniture, frames, mirrors.

Laurence received her formal training and experience in France where she graduated as a professional gilder, and worked in some of the most prestigious ateliers of Paris and Aix en Provence. She specializes in water gilding and her work primarily focuses on architectural gilding using water gilding and oil gilding techniques. She has an eye for detail and is passionate about gilding.

Laurence expanded her services in 2007 to offer instructional demonstrations on the Art of gilding to institutions such as museums,

universities, art academies, art galleries, and similar organizations. Her

first major demonstration was at the “Artisans & Kings - Selected

Treasures from the Louvre” exhibition at the Denver Art Museum in


For more information please visit her website at:

where you can see some of her work and learn more about the art of



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