Mats Carlsson

Mats Carlsson - Sweden

"I have a wonderful job – I get paid to deceive people"
(I don’t know if you can say it like this in English ??)

Matts started as a house painter in the late 1970.s From 1991 -1999 he was tutored in the decorative arts by Master painter Stellan Palm one evening/week.  1996 he studied at institute Guegan in France, receiving the diploma.

Member in Salon since 1996

1999 Hosting Salon 1999-Norköping Sweden together with Lotta Olsson

From 1996 -1999 I did run a 1 year decorative painting education in Norköping Sweden

2000 me and Lotta Olsson started Palm Fine Arts educational centre for decorative painting.

ats runs a 2-year full time education for decorative painting and taking 17 students.

I think this is one of the few , maybe the only school in the world where the students practicing decorative painting 40 hour a week for 2 year.

His school also offers a 1 week Master class every fall with guest teacher Pascal Amblard.

Beside teaching in our school I given week classes as a guest teacher in other schools , several times in US.
To keep up as a good teacher it´s important to be out doing real jobs so we do a lot of commissions when we not teaching mail:


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