Yves Lanthier

Born in St. Jérôme, Québec, Canada, Yves first discovered his talent at the age of six, while sketching a portrait of his teacher in the Rembrandt style. His passion for art led him to explore Europe and Asia for sixteen years, where much of his style was influenced by the " Old Masters."

Residing in Florida since 1989, Yves established " Yves Fine Paintings & Trompe L’Oeil " in 1990. His unique technique and designs have grown to be unsurpassed in quality, excellence and originality.

In the past few years, the growing demand for his work has allowed him to create large oil paintings, elaborate staircase settings, along with "Trompe L’Oeil" embracing the ceilings and walls of the living areas in numerous East Coast mansions. His commissions include, Fisher Island, Star Island, Indian Creek, Manalapan, Palm Beach estates and Celine Dion’s estate in Jupiter, Florida.

Yves versatility in style comes from a mix of the Old World with surrealist, fantastical, mystical and utterly serene. His artwork and design has won multiple awards and is recognized by the art industry as one of the leading original Artists.

Yves Lanthier has been profiled in numerous publications including Florida Design, Art Business News, Palm Beach Illustrated, Boca Raton News and named one of the World’s Best Trompe L’Oeil Artists.

In December 2004, "The art of Trompe L'Oeil murals" a book about his life and most prominent work was published by F&W Publication. Now available at any major book store or autographed personally by the artist from this website!

Trompe l'oeil literally translates from French to mean "fools the eye." One of the most difficult of all artistic effects to achieve, trompe l'oeil demands a meticulous attention to detail by the artist. Nuances of light, gradations of color and correct sizing must be skillfully incorporated so as to make the two-dimensional work seem to be three-dimensional.

The journey that led Yves Lanthier to become a master of this style of painting began in St. Jerome, Quebec and continued with his travels to India and the Himalayas in the early 1970's, through Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and Italy, before returning to North America in the 1980's. This vagabond existence helped to shape the artist he has become today. "Everywhere I went, I saw the world as a painter would see it," Yves explains in his soft, French-accented English. As he traveled and each new scene unfolded, he would meditate about how he would transfer that vision to canvas- how colors would be mixed, or the lights and shadows would fall or lines of perspective be placed to bring those visions alive again.

Yves is a completely self-taught artist, who discovered his gift at a very young age. "It all started in the first grade," he says. During a drawing class, an assignment was given to sketch a person that the students liked. "Without any thought, I moved to the front of the class and started drawing my teacher, portrait style.


  1. do you know why he changed from sketching to trompe l'oeil?


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