Carolina d'Ayala Valva

Carolina was born in Udine in December 24, 1967. 

At a  young age, she moved with her family to Brazil where she stayed for a number of years until she obtained her masters in Architecture and Town planning from the Catholic University of Goias.

After receiving her masters she returned to Italy to study advanced course in the European Craftsman Training Center for the conversion of Architectural Heritage on the Island of San Servolo in Venice.  There she met the person who would become her partner in work and in life Valter Cipriani.  It was with him in 1996, she embarked in her adventure as a decorator, opening an atelier - L'Artelier, that is now located in the center of Rome.

Carolina is a self taught decorator with over 12 years experience in all kinds of decorating.  Her current technique is the result of many hours of work and research carried out in her boutique, which she stresses is a true school.

For several years Carolina has opened the doors to her atelier to students who learn how to paint from a professional artists with a passion for painting.

Carolina's works are permanently in the "Museum of the trompe l'oeil" in Perigueux (France).  She has been a member of Salon since 2000, and has a book titled Art et Techniques de la Grotesque.

The book can be purchased on


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