Kass Wilson

Kass’ journey into the design industry began in the early 1980s. Working in sales and project management for contract office furnishings allowed her the introduction to some of the most talented designers in the Atlanta area. It was in essence “on the job training” or an “independent study” of all the elements and details of planning that go into outstanding design on each individual project.

A lifelong fascination with depth of color, texture and dimension was her inspiration to focus on decorative finishes. As a result, in the early 1990’s, her company, Wallstreat, was born. With a passion for nature and a flair for the unconventional, she combines multiple mediums and techniques that create innovative effects on surfaces that are both visual and tactile. Each project is viewed as a blank canvas. It is an opportunity to either draw attention to the main design features of a space or sometimes even create one. No two are the same. She is always on a quest to discover new applications and ways to utilize artistic finishes. Kass says, “Success for me is when you want to touch my surfaces!”

Her talent is the result of years of dedicated study. You will find her work featured in many publications, show homes and galleries. She has received numerous awards from the Fauxcademy of Decorative Arts. But, her true love is as a skilled speaker and teacher. As a published author, her book shares many “tricks of the trade” for those who are adventurous and want to try some techniques on their own. Most of her articles and public speaking engagements are discussions about innovative ways to incorporate unpredictable finishes into design projects. “I would like to change the conventional mode of thinking that comes to mind when you hear “faux finish”. It is no longer sponging, ragging or color washing acres of walls or merely glazing cabinets. It is the imaginative use of the right technique, in the right colors, in the right place. Good design will follow the trends. GREAT design will set the trends!”


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