Jason Lucus

Jason Lucas was born and raised in the vast and open surroundings of southeast Alaska. As a child he was engulfed in rich masses of color, texture and overwhelming landscapes. The tranquil nature of Alaska influenced his adventures in the Arts. The balance, calm and quiet of Alaska directs the vision of his art as an adult.

At the age of eighteen, Jason moved to Arizona to attend the American Institute of Interior Design. After graduating, he combined his career in interior design with his passion for the arts and established Deshu Decorative Surfaces in 1999. The company specializes in creating and replicating textures, colors and design elements for interiors. After nearly a decade of exploration in plasters, paint and design, Jason returned to his passion of art. He has since begun translating his knowledge of art mediums and design into fine art.

While viewing Jason's work one continues to rediscover it through the subtle layers, textures and washes inspired from a place of calm. It is not intended to display a specific message or statement as much as simply demand an enjoyable atmosphere through simple lines, shapes and colors; a place of Zen - easily understood and elementary from a distance, but continually rediscovered and invented when more closely examined.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Jason continues to create award-winning and nationally published interior installs and fine art pieces for Deshu Decorative Surfaces and Lucas Fine Art.


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