Johanna Annable Featured Artist

Johanna Annable was born on December 29th in Fort Worth, Texas. She moved with her family to Corvallis, Oregon where she grew up and graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design.

Following in her Grandfather’s and Father’s artistic footsteps, Johanna embarked on a lifelong love of art and architecture. Her Czech background has influenced her European style along with time spent studying and working in Majorca, Spain on an ancient Roman archaeological site.

Johanna also studied and lived in Chile, South America where she became passionate about the rich and ornate classical architecture, facades, doors and wrought iron gates.

In 2005 Johanna started “Johanna’s Design Studio” to help give her an outlet for artistic expression and create dream environments for her client's well being and happiness. Johanna's Design Studio has built a reputation for excellence, integrity and unsurpassed designs. Johanna creates signature custom wall and ceiling finishes, to meet the color and design preferences of her clients, including hundreds ofone-of-a-kind hand-painted finishes in authentic lime and marble plasters, venetian plasters and wall textures, faux -marbles and exotic wood-grains, historical murals and fine art, italian frescos and decorative stencils.

Her current studies include biophilic design, fractal artistic representations of mathematical theorems, historical music and art therapy.


  1. This is great Johanna I was notified by Google Alerts, Congrats!

  2. Johanna is one of the most talented artists I've ever seen. Her finishes are unique and exciting and her lay-outs are amazing.
    Best to Johanna for 2010! She's a going concern!

    Victoria Larsen

  3. Thanks you guys. I am very honored.

    Victoria...I just love your molds and stencils and all the creative ways to use them--everywhere! Best to you too, for 2010, The Brazilian facade will look fantastic!!

    Hey Art, Congratulations on your venues, give me a shout!

    Johanna Annable


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