Tish Inman

Martitia (Tish) Inman has been actively pursuing a career as an artist her entire life. During the past 20 years her skills are being consistently sought after, particularly for faux finishes, murals, trompe l'oeil, mosaics, furniture & floor painting.

Tish's steady flow of imaginative ideas sets her work apart from others. Her work can be found in many homes and businesses throughout Virginia, and as far away as Trinidad in the West Indies.

Her work has been published in many books, magazines & newspaper articles, plus she teaches whenever possible to share her extensive knowledge of the decorative painting industry.

Tish is a “Personal Painter” because her work consistently has a direct relationship with the patron, reflecting something about themselves, their families or their environment in a very recognizable and personal way.

Tish obtained her BFA from NSU in Norfolk, but is predominantly self taught. Skill and Speed are her most valuable assets, as are her work ethics and her reputation as a quality minded individual in all aspects of her business.

Her son, Jesse Ganteaume, has worked with the mother/son business for several years and Tish refers to him as her "right arm man". Jesse's talents compliment Tish and together they make "Gotcha Covered" the finest decorative painting firm available!

When you need an experienced and professional decorative painter, faux finisher, muralist, mosaics/fauxsaics expert, an instructor or simply an artist with a different perspective - call Tish at "Gotcha Covered"

(540) 270-2147 VA or (615) 306-4888 TN


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