Joyce Hutchinson

Joyce says "The natural life around me has a way of tickling my eyes and touching my soul."  Flowers, wildlife, color, and light all have the elements Joyce needs to create her images. She loves to draw, paint and photograph images of what she thinks are beautiful subjects. Subjects that can be turned into the kind of art that expresses her interpretation at that moment in time. "I am excited about my work at this stage of my life. What I hope to accomplish is to create, share works that excite/calm and make people take notice of nature in a crazy world. I hope my creations bring an appreciation for the elements of nature in the art I present."

Joyce was raised in an Air Force family that traveled a lot when she was growing up. She loved it even though she had to say goodbye to friends and make new friends every few years. she looks forward to travel again with her work and in the future.

To pass much of her time, Joyce liked to draw flowers even as early as about five or six years old when she lived in Long Island. She spent many hours on the dining room table just drawing to her heart's content. Joyce doesn't remember playing a lot with dolls or even watching T.V., just drawing and occasionally... lying out in her backyard on a nice spring or summer day looking at the clouds rolling by trying to see what she could see in them and then rising above them to see what was past them. It just never stopped... just like creating.

"I took every class I could during high school and continued to paint and draw on my own".  Joyce says.  A degree in art at college didn't work out because of an art instructor that preached quantity NOT quality, so she left her major and ended up with a BFA in English Lit and an equivalent minor in music.

Since 1998, Joyce has been teaching art out of her home studio to children. She is in her thirteenth year now and has enjoyed teaching art education to the next generation of artists.

Joyce continues to try and produce as much art as she has time for. She takes classes when she can to help her  improve her skills and widen her styles. She loves painting murals and takes commissions for fine art as well.  Joyce says,  "It's thrilling for me to be in a consultation listening to a client tell me what they dream of having in their home and then giving them a finished work of art that expresses exactly how the client feels and is proud to show off their art in their home. This has been an exciting adventure and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring."


  1. Joyce is an absolute sweetheart with a heart of gold. When I see Joyce's work's of art this is the explanation I think of...
    ART(Wikipedia)-Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.
    Joyce is an artist in every aspect of the rock girl.......
    Some day we will meet face to face.

  2. Oh RENEE! You are too sweet! I have been wanting to meet you for quite some time now. :) Someday we will! Thank you for your kind kind words, you are in my eyes the same as you have described here!
    Thanks for going out of your way to write such a touching comment! :)


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