Added Value Can Sell At Higher Prices...

Added Value... what does that mean exactly?

Well, added value can be anything that is included in the price of the paint job, that is perceived by the homeowner as an "Above and Beyond" benefit.

For example:

Three different painting contractors could bid a job at $3,500 and provide the same quality finished paint job, however one of them may also include, window washing, or free touch-up service, or two free gallons of paint... as an added benefit.

Added value is a great way to set your painting business apart from your competitors, but remember, you must be able to communicate that added value to the homeowner.

A great way to do this is to create an "Added Value" flier that you include in your estimate package. It should outline what your business does different or better then everyone else AND how the homeowner will benefit from it!

In this new economy, it is more important then ever to be able to differentiate yourself from all the other painting business in your market. What you offer as added value makes your company unique and more desirable to your prospects.

Sit down right now and brainstorm ways you can "Add Value" and improve the customer experience.
What do you do to stand out from the rest?


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