Lut Gielen

A well-known description of Belgians is that they are born with a brick in their stomach. Although Lut is of Belgian origin, in her case she came into the world with a paintbrush in her hand. Painting, doing odd jobs and refurbishing of things is in her blood. For a long time she could only do this in her spare time. As a incest therapist, manager of a NLP-training institute and mother of four, she could not exercise her passion to paint professionally before. Lut is a late bloomer in that way. On her 40th she made her ever desired switch: she was educated as a decorative painter at Alfons Meylemans in Kapellen, Belgium. From that moment she worked fulltime as a “faux”. Material knowledge and the willing to reach technical perfection in gilding and the making of wood and marble imitations are leading ambitions in her work. In the last five years she focused her skills on the restoration of original paint layers in churches and houses. Lut also gives workshops on a regular bases to both amateur and professional painters.

Born and raised in the Catholic gaudy Ghent (Belgium), since 2001 Lut is working in the more sober Protestant Groningen (the Netherlands). With its amazing skies, vast green land, simple churches, richly decorated farmhouses, friendly people and their understated sense of humor, Groningen inspires her to pass the burning fire of enthusiasm, passion and craftsmanship.


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