Get your Head out of the Clouds

Now is the time for decorative painters to be marketing more than ever.  With the economy up and down, well mostly down, you need to start thinking about how to get creative and get jobs coming in.  

Add to your services...

Do you offer cabinet refinishing?  How about floors or counter tops?  Just because you don't have as many jobs coming in, don't slack off taking classes.  Remember classes are tax deductible and you need to stay ahead of your competition and fresh for your clients.

Something else about classes.  It is great to get a refresher or update class from someone locally, but for a full class I suggest going somewhere outside your area.  You can't be fresh if you are offering the same finishes your competition are offering.

How about something Off the Wall as I like to call it.  These are services not typically offered by decorative painters, but which are now getting very popular.  Decorative mirrors, canvas art, light fixtures, these all fall into this category and can give you some very nice extra income.

Get your website up to date or if you don't have one, get one.  If you prefer an inexpensive way of having a place to showcase your work, then get a blog.  With all the great templates out there now, you can have a very appealing blog with a gallery for it.

Get creative with your marketing.  You only get one first impression, so make the most of it.  Eye catching business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. 


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