Great movie interiors

I wish I could find photos of all the great finishes I have seen on the interiors of television shows and movies.  And boy are there a lot of them!  A couple movies you may want to rent are Under the Tuscan Sun and French Kiss. 

The Holiday - I love the look of this cosy English cottage.  It would be perfect if there was a fireplace.

Rachel Ray has probably my favorite set design.  The colors are wonderful and someone did some great finishes.
Da Vinci Code - I couldn't find out if this was from an actual building or an erected set, but either way it is stunning.
The set from Dexter.
This is from Gossip Girl.  Stunning gold leaf wall.
Sound of Music - Next time you watch this classic, pay extra attention to the homes detail and architecture.
Atonement - This is a movie that was filmed in a real home.  The owners were thrilled because the movie production paid for all the restoration that needed to be done in the home.
Sherlok Holmes - I will watch any movie with my man Robert Downey Jr. and this one I watched twice.  I watched this once just for Robert and once just to check out the beautiful surfaces.  (surfaces of the interiors, not Robert)


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