Want to add a new dimension to your business?

Then join Cindy Feddersen at Misselaineous Studio in Cincinnati for a two day I-Coat class. I-Coat is the maker of the HOT decorative overlay counter top and floor products. The products can be used on existing counter tops, such as Formica, granite, marble and other solid surfaces to replicate granite, marble, natural stone or completely customized tops.  Compare the cost of I-Coat to other concrete products!

You will leave with 4 12 x 12 samples, 1 with a 1 1/2 edge to learn a chisel technique. You will also learn the floor and vertical stone technique with the floor products, as well as bring home a board from one.

This I-Coat finish was done by Mave and Doug Alft, owners of Alft Decorators in Hager City, Wisconsin. They call this finish creme brule or melted hot fudge, depending on which one you ask.

As an added bonus, day 3 there will be a special class by popular faux artist Laine Discepoli.  Laine will teach some of her famous... quick finishes. Guaranteed to impress potential clients, these finishes are fast and easy to execute, and still have that WOW factor. 

Both of these gals have some added surprises as well, so you won't want to miss these three days of learning and fun! 

Already a few car pools heading from various parts of the country to this Ohio class. Jump on board!

Special price for these classes!
$499 I-Coat class
$200 Laine's class
$50 off if you take both classes!

Contact Laine to register at...

513-533-faux (3289)
laine@misselaineous.com   If you don't hear back from her, she didn't get the message!

For more information on I-Coat, contact Cindy at 239-246-6900
Cindy has worked in the industry for many years and in that time has worked with several product lines including Aurastone and Granicrete.

Close up of I-Coat finish by Mave and Doug Alft.


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