Grahame Menage


Grahame Menage is a British-born specialist decorative artist and muralist who describes his wide-ranging portfolio as "interpreting client's desires and imagination".

With 20 years of experience behind him, the work of Grahame Ménage ranges from large-scale murals to single pieces of furniture, decorated using paint, gold-leaf and brushes especially selected for the purpose. His portfolio covers the full spectrum of trompe l'oeil decorative painting, from classic marbling and faux stone, to the restoration of 19th century furniture, panoramic murals and recreations of frescoes from the Italian Renaissance.

For materials, Grahame employs the highest quality tints, varnishes, paints and glazes at all times. Each type of decoration dictates precisely the method and which especially- mixed material is to be used. His brush selection ranges from an 8inch patina brush, down to the smallest sable.

Grahame has studied, and been inspired by the Dutch and Italian masters, as well as the anonymous artists who decorated the walls of Pompeii. Describing his work, he says: "In front of my paintings, I intend that the spectator will be deceived. I seek to convey an action or mood in my images; two-dimensional surfaces, which suggest a three-dimensional space. I like to create a dream from my clients."

He has recently completed an entire hall and stairway in faux stone, a trompe l'oeil panelled ceiling, as well as delicate hand-painted furniture in the Provençal style. Clients include the Emir of Qatar, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the director Ridley Scott ("Gladiator"), "Bartholdy's" restaurant in Amsterdam, "Cafe Villa" and the "Liquid" Bar in Luxembourg.

"The trade of specialist decorator has been around for a long time in one form or another," explains Grahame. "The art develops historically with changes of style and emphasis, technique and detail. This continues to the present day. However, I do love to create the old beautifully-aged frescoed and painted trompe l'oeil room."


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