The Artist Unique

Being a visual person, what attracted me first to this book was the colorful cover.  The second thing was this first line of the books description.

"So many of us struggle with finding our own voice and with knowing which skills and artistic direction to focus on in order to create a look that doesn't mirror everyone else's, but a look that we can feel good about as being uniquely our own."

This book should get your creative juices going, no matter what kind of an artist you are!

I like to describe signature style as, “You, on canvas.” A few years ago, I taught an online workshop called Spill It. The class description was as follows:


All the little things that makes you unique
will make your creative endeavors unique.

And in this workshop,
you will put all of those little things
that make you, you
on your palette
and Spill It onto canvas.

We will explore Mixed Media technique combinations to help you
discover and project personal creative style.

As I was developing the workshop, I kept getting a nagging feeling that there was more to it than what I was offering. I began to feel that this workshop was really something bigger and it soon evolved into my new book, The Artist Unique, Inspiration and Techniques to Discover Your Creative Signature.

The book is really all about encouraging you to make your mark your way.

I believe we all have a style of our own. In my workshop, I encouraged my students to take all of the little things that make them unique and use them in their artwork. In the book, I share a inspiration and techniques from 15 of my favorite artists - who have whose signatures styles speak volumes about who they are. They share their struggles and their stories and how they developed their unique styles.

When art was new to me, I often followed projects in magazines and books. I always ended up with really great artwork that looked just like the artwork in the project, but it never felt like it was mine. When I decided to write a book, I knew it had to be filled with tools and ideas to inspire and encourage readers to try new things, explore techniques and find ways to make them their own.

Whether you’ve been an artist for years or are new to art and you’re struggling to discover your own style, my book will guide you to experiment with different mediums, techniques and possibilities to make a mark that is exclusively yours. Inside you'll find:

  • 17 mixed-media techniques shown step by step, with suggestions for how to make them your own 
  • Beautiful finished art illustrating how individual artists use and combine these techniques in their own work 
  • Easy worksheets to help reveal your artistic skills, strengths and preferences 
  • A quick-start guide to various mediums, mark makers and creative paraphernalia 
  • Lots of tips and advice for putting yourself into your art 
Embrace who you are and find out what defines you as an artist. Make art that is exclusively you.

Author bio: Carmen Torbus is a self-taught mixed media artist and workshop leader from Port St. Lucie, FL. She refers to herself as a bliss follower, big dreamer and lover of the words, “I’m so inspired right now!” Her workshops focus on combining mixed-media techniques with enthusiams, mpassion and participant perspective. Her blog and artwork can be seen in the winter 2010 issue of Stamptinton’s Artful Blogging and the May/June issue of Somerset Studios.

You can connect with Carmen on her website:  Purchase signed books here.

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Copies of her book can also be purchased on Amazon.  

There are 15 contributing artists in this book including...
Karin Bartimole, Shari Beaubien, Aimee Dalich, Manon Doyle, Bridgette Mills, Lynne Hoppe, Mystele Kirkeeng,  Leah Kolidas, Jenn McGlon, Christine Miller, Rowena Murillo, Julie Prichard,


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