August Faux Retreat

Get ready for the rock concert of retreats!  
Deb Drager and Sheri Zeman!

Next Faux Retreat August 22 - August 26, 2012
Come join us for 5 spectacular days of learning, sharing and fun!

Included in your retreat stay...

Deb Drager   Deb will inspire you to channel your creativity onto the artist’s canvas.  Each student will concept/design and create their own distinctly unique canvas(es) in a dimensional-collage-art format with a multitude of mixed media's. 

Deb will share many of her unique findings from creating art for 5 Hotels and numerous Commercial spaces. With over 30 years as a graphic designer, she will share her tips to integrate the use of computers and projectors as tools to allow artist’s to mass-produce their own ideas.

Students will be challenged with:
Creativity exercises to stir imaginations
Discovering a genuine style of expression
Designing within smaller boundaries
How to market and sell your art

Deb’s emphasis as an instructor is to encourage CREATIVITY with using materials &products you have in your studio...learn to use up “leftovers”, mix & match and make do!!

“It’s not so much at this point on WHAT products we use, it’s trusting your instincts, enjoying the process, opening yourselves up for experimentation in HOWto use up what you have already.”....Purge...Merge... & SPLURGE in creativity!

Sheri Zeman Sheri is a legend in the decorative painting world, known for her cutting edge and unique finishes, you are sure to impress potential clients with her creations.  Sheri is also one of the largest Faux Effects distributors, has her own stencil line and owns Faux Design Studio and Paint and Design Store in Chicago. 

Sheri makes strides in the field by respecting traditional finishes while defining a road map to faux’s future. She continues to challenge her skills by combining her product and design knowledge.

For this retreat Sheri has put together her "Best of the Best".  These are her most popular and top selling finishes from her most requested classes.  Sheri will teach a variety of techniques and effects using Faux Effects line of professional products. Two of the finishes are currently being installed in the RitzCarlton Showcase event in Chicago!

Also included in the retreat price.
*Product demos
*Product samples to take home.
*Play with product.
*Working with reactives
*Free blog set up.
*Cutting Edge Stencil
*Business and marketing
*Portfolio making - WOW potential clients! 
*Flirty Girl Dance
*Massage (extra charge)

 All the retreats are as unique as the classes and the people who attend.  After your daily classes you will enjoy sumptuous meals, s'mores around the campfire, Zumba or Salsa dancing, massage or sip wine by the fireplace. . If you prefer some alone time you can go fishing or go for a hike around the lake. Canoeing, boating, fishing, hot tub, sauna, Wii are also available.

Watch for our upcoming contest May 1 on Pinterest!

Some samples of Deb and Shari's finishes.  Photos shown may not necessarily be finishes taught at retreat.

Just some of the things said about these instructors....

Just wanted to say thank you, again.  You are such a joy to be around and a real inspiration.  My mind is so full with thoughts and ideas since your class.  Which has only been one, whole day.  I can hardly sleep. 

Deb, thank you so much for coming to Cinci to do your class.  I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it.  I really feel like this is the direction I want to go with my creativity.  This is going to give me such an outlet to create.  Like I said my head is "so full", it's spinning.  You really are like an energy tab...WOW!  

thank you so much for everything...I feel like I've had new life breathed into me. 
- Shelby

First of all, I feel as though it was a great privilege to be able to take a class from you. I feel you  are truly inspirational both as an artist and as a person.

Like most people, life has dealt me many unexpected blows as well. When I would fall down as a child, my mother always said "pick yourself up and clean yourself off, you will be fine!"  I find those words echoing through my head and they motivate me to do just that! I can honestly say that you put your heart
and soul into your work and I feel that is also reflected in your teaching style.

Can't say enough about your class,... and of course I am taking Class 2.  I feel you are a true kindred spirit... your work is what I have been wanting to do for soooo long.... now I know what to do with all my CANDY I have stored up for years.  Thank you for the motivation I needed to move forward to what I truly have been seeing for years and have never had time or motivation to do by myself! 

It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you in the classroom.  I feel as though I will use the info learned for a lifetime of canvas projects.  I seriously would like to step up my canvas painting game and start making money doing it!  I will definitely try to take the class in October.

Hello Deb,
What a nice slide show you put together to summarize the class!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class!!!!  I haven't taken a class in about 1 1/2 years and it was a much needed jump start!  Your are so creative and talented, and your energy is so contagious and inspiring! -Kelly

Deb, from the bottom of my heart THANKYOU. Thank you for sharing your art. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve. And thank you for inspiring this 24 year old to want to touch peoples lives like you have touched mine. I hope I can make part 2 of the class.. And I Am excited to start working on my dreams of creating a better world. Hope to keep in touch. And thank you again.  -Tedi

Deb,you have given me SUCH a gift!  Thank you so much.  Your talent, your creativity, your LOVE for what you are doing - it all just pours out of you.  I feel like a new door has truly been placed in front of me. -Lee


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