This is a special dream project for Elena Makievsky, her family and her extended families and all the artists in the universe. ...

Elena along with her dear friend and partner in this vision Diane Corso, are inviting all artists of every type and creative level to be part of a fabulous experience using your talents to help celebrate SPECIAL OLYMPICS through a global canvas, created by pieces sent in from all of you who will participate!!!!

The theme for this project is: "A Painting of One." 

Elena's desire for artists involved in this project, is to create a painting that is of their own interpretation expressing...


of any particular scenario, idea, emotion, thought, dream, vision, etc...

Painting on canvas can take a multitude of different forms, but more often than not, it is the work of an individual artist.

Elena says "The project that I have decided to embark upon is one that will bring artists, regardless of skill level, together to manifest a piece of artwork in a collective effort."

Very little requirements:

1. The minimum required size the canvas is 12 x 16 and beyond that there is no limit the size.

2. All paintings will be sent to an address, and as forementioned at the end of the year these paintings will be pieced into a single painting.

3 .I understand that we all have different financial circumstances and that there might be those who would like to participate but are not able to supply funds to ship nationally or internationally; to combat this obstacle:

I have created a sponsorship program. This program will allow artists involved in the project to donate necessary shipping costs to other artists who may not be able to afford the costs via paypal.

At the end of 2012, Elena will be assembling all artwork that has been submitted and creating a collage to auction off at a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Please send submissions to: 5019 Gunnersun,Roswell.Ga.30075
c/o "ONE"

*** If you are interested in sponsoring an artist please contact for more details. Elena and sister Diane Corso will have a spreadsheet periodically for new entries as it will be updated daily.

If you have any questions and or ideas in ways that this project can be expanded or improved :

please email me at .

Thank you for your interest in this project and look forward to the creativity that this will inspire as well as the end benefit for those with special need. .

To be a part of this ongoing process, please join the ONE Facebook group.


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