Wall of Trees

This is going to be an ongoing project for about a month, so don't sit there waiting too long for my next post!

I created a wall of trees in a store about 5 years ago using Victoria Larsen's fabulous Aspen Tree Stencil .  For some time now I have been wanting to update the wall and short of trying to scrape, chisel and sand the wall smooth, I decided to do more trees right over the existing ones.

I really didn't have a plan for what color(s) I would finish this wall with.  I decided to leave it to fate and pick the color by what I had the most of.  It turns out it was Modern Masters Warm Silver metallic paint which had been sent from a great paint/art store in Wisconsin (The Paint Store) for another job.

Another feature of the "new" wall is going to be the addition of the bas relief tree(s) that I learned in a class at the Faux Retreat by the wonderful Bonnie Norling Wakeman. I have been trying to find the right public place for creating some bas relief and this all kind of ties in with my "vision" for the wall.  I am also super excited because Bonnie and I plan to visit while she is in town visiting relatives next month and I may even get the bas relief master's help getting started with my first official bas relief creation. Update: That didn't happen!  But we did have lunch!

Here is hoping that the vision in my brain translates to wall!
Bye bye grey

hello metallic
You may also want to check out Victoria Larsen's other great stencils while you wait for my next project post.  If you are interested in learning Bonnie's Bas Relief techniques, she is having a workshop in Florida December 4th.

Ok, so back to it a week later.

I started adding trunks and branches to the wall right over the existing trees.  Some of them I am making more gold looking using a metallic plaster and others have much more of a contrast to the wall.

Finally done with the wall of trees, for now anyway.  Here are some more pictures of the progress.

After building up the trunks and limbs, I made knots and detailing of birch trees.  Then I brushed a glaze over the trunks made from the same color as background.

Branches and leaves are being added.


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