Hot Facebook groups

There are a lot of groups on Facebook now for faux finishers and muralists.  One thing I hear a lot of is what are they all about?  Here is a guide to some of the more popular ones as submitted by a handful of FB friends.  Some of these groups are private and by invitation only to keep non "in the trade" people from coming in, and some groups may be open to anyone.

If you think I left out a good one, shoot me an email.

To find any of these groups, just start typing in the names in the search area.

Faux Business and Marketing - The discussion of anything sales, business and marketing related.

Sample Sunday - Fun group for sharing your sample finishes.

Faux Finish Classes - Postings for classes and events.

FauxCetera - This group is more for product and industry discussion, and to gain inspiration and promote fellowship with other artists and designers.

Faux Finish Recipes - Just like the title says, this is a group for sharing recipes of some of your favorite finishes.

Faux Finish Mural - Contrary to the name, it is mostly mural discussion.


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