Milk Paint Color Combos

These are fantastic examples from General Finishes of various color combinations using their Milk Paint.

Milk Paint & Glaze Effects Samples

In the following faux finish examples, several layers of GF Milk Paints, GF Glaze Effects, GF Wood Stains and GF Top Coats are combined in the tradition of old world craftsmen to create unique, distressed looks in any color palette. Today's designer finishes often use up to seven different layers of color and topcoats to create spectacular finish designs. The work goes fast, as water based finishes dry much more quickly than oil based finishes. Choose from any of these designs or create your own.
All base colors are two coats. Always use a coat of topcoat between colors to prevent color blending. Finish your piece with 2 to 3 coats of water based topcoat. Visit water based finishing tips for more details.
Milk Paint Over Milk Paint
Snow White Over Sage GreenSnow White Over Basil GreenSnow White Over Bay Berry GreenSnow White Over Cypress GreenSnow White Over Coastal BlueSnow White Over Federal Blue
Snow White Over Buttermilk YellowSnow White Over Somerset GoldSnow White Over Lamp BlackSnow White Over MillstoneSnow White Over Outback BrownSnow White Over Red Pepper
Snow White Over Tuscan RedAntique White Over Bay Berry GreenAntique White Over Buttermilk YellowAntique White Over Coastal BlueAntique White Over Federal BlueAntique White Over Lamp Black
Antique White Over MillstoneAntique White Over Outback BrownLinen Over Basil GreenLinen Over Coastal BlueLinen Over Federal BlueLinen Over Lamp Black
Linen Over Outback BrownLinen Over Brick RedMillstone Over Lamp BlackOutback Brown Over LinenOutback Brown Over Lamp BlackBay Berry Green Over Antique White
Bay Berry Over Snow WhiteBay Berry Over Antique WhiteBay Berry Over CypressBasil Green Over Federal BlueBasil Over Lamp BlackBasil Over Coastal Blue
Basil Green Over Antique WhiteBasil Green Over Snow WhiteCypress Green Over Sage GreenCypress Green Over Snow WhiteCypress Green Over Coastal BlueSage Green Over Snow White
Basil Green Over Brick Red Milk PaintCypress Green Over Autumn HazeFederal Blue Over Snow WhiteFederal Blue Over Antique WhiteCoastal Blue Over Federal BlueFederal Blue Over Sage Green
Federal Blue Over Outback BrownCoastal Blue Over Antique WhiteCoastal Blue Over Basil GreenCoastal Blue Over Sage GreenCoastal Blue Over LinenCoastal Blue Over Somerset Gold
Coastal Blue Over Buttermilk YellowFederal Blue Over Red PepperCoastal Blue Over Red PepperCoastal Blue Over Tuscan RedButtermilk Yellow Over Snow WhiteButtermilk Yellow Over Somerset Gold
Somerset Gold Over Snow WhiteSomerset Gold Over LinenButtermilk Yellow Over Coastal BlueSomerset Gold Over Lamp BlackSomerset Gold Over Outback BrownButtermilk Yellow Over Tuscan Red
Somerset Gold Over Brick RedBrick Red Over Snow WhiteTuscan Over Antique WhiteTuscan Over Basil GreenRed Pepper Over MillstoneBrick Red Over Federal Blue
Red Pepper Over Federal BlueAutumn Haze Over Coastal BlueTuscan Over Somerset GoldRed Pepper Over Lamp BlackLamp Black Over Snow WhiteLamp Black Over Antique White
Lamp Black Over LinenLamp Black Over MillstoneLamp Black Over Baby BlueLamp Black Over Federal BlueLamp Black Over Buttermilk YellowLamp Black Over Somerset Gold
Lamp Black Over Brick RedLamp Black Over Red Pepper
Milk Paint and Glaze Combinations
Van Dyke Brown Over Snow White GlazeBurnt Umber Glaze Over Antique WhiteVan Dyke Brown Glaze Over MillstoneMillstone Over Brick Red, Burnt Umber GlazeMillstone Over Coastal Blue, Red Sienna GlazeOutback Brown Over Linen, Winter White Glaze
Antique White Over Bayberry Green, Yellow Ochre GlazeButtermilk Over Antique White, Red Sienna GlazeYellow Ochre Glaze Over Autumn HazeTuscan Red Over Lamp Black, Red Sienna GlazeCoastal Blue Over Brick Red, Burnt Umber GlazeWinter White Glaze Over Sage Green
Basil Green Over Red Pepper, Burnt Umber GlazeCypress Green Over Red Pepper, Yellow Ochre GlazeCypress Green Over Linen, Yellow Ochre GlazeCypress Green Over Bayberry, Burnt Umber GlazeFederal Blue Over Snow White, Yellow Ochre GlazeFederal Blue Over Sage Green, Red Sienna Glaze
Federal Blue Over Red Pepper, Yellow Ochre GlazeCoastal Blue Over Buttermilk, Red Sienna GlazeCoastal Blue Over Brick Red, Yellow Ochre GlazeCoastal Blue Over Brick Red, Burnt Umber GlazeCoastal Blue Over Bay Berry, Yellow Ochre GlazeCoastal Blue Over Millstone, Van Dyke Brown Glaze
Lamp Black Over Buttermilk, Yellow Ochre GlazeLamp Black Over Linen, Red Sienna GlazeRed Sienna Glaze Over Lamp Black
Wood Stain, Milk Paint and Glaze Combinations
Snow White Glaze
Over Shaker Maple
Snow White Glaze
Over Golden Oak
Pitch Black Glaze
Over Shaker Maple


  1. What a great resource of color combinations. I especially like the basil green/brick. Thank you.


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