Marketing for the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time and they are right around the corner. During the holidays when many people are scratching their heads wondering what to buy their family and friends, this is a great time for you to get reacquainted with past clients and get noticed by new ones.
Here are some ideas to help market your business and stand out during the holiday season and get the attention of art lovers and gift seekers. These ideas are all about ways to engage with your prospects and community, enhance your marketing for the season, and provide unique and memorable shopping experiences with your gallery.
  • Charities: The holiday season is the time for giving, and aligning with a charity will show that you care about the community. Offer to donate a percentage of your holiday sales to a certain cause. You could pick a few charities and then let your Facebook and Twitter fans, help make the final selection by voting on their favorites. 
  • Artists: Donate artwork.  During the holidays many hospitals, businesses and organizations have holiday events and welcome raffle and auction items.  This could just be a small canvas donated by you.  Be sure to have your business card and other info attached to any item you donate and have plenty of brochures on hand at the event.
  • Holiday cards: It may seem simple, but holiday cards sent to past clients is a great way to spark their interest in some additional work for the holidays or after.  You can even offer referral incentives.
  • Client gifts: You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact on past clients.  Give them a small homemade gift.  There was a great discussion and ideas on this very topic in the Facebook group Faux Business and Marketing this past year.
  • Live painting: Volunteer to do a finish or mural on a public wall in a mall, public building or somewhere with a lot of people.  Put on some Christmas music and make a show of it.  Have a press release sent out prior to doing this.
  • Gift page: Add a gift page to your website for the holidays with canvas art, gift cards etc. in various price ranges. Offer expedited shipping options for out of town sales.  
  • Emails: Send an email in early November and early December that drives people to the gift page. Make sure your website is up to date with some great photos of your work.  Offer discounts or incentives.
  • Social media: Be consistent with your posts. Post a lot of photos of your work and art for sale.  Update the cover photo and on your page to be festive..
  • Experiences: Create unique business cards.  The idea is to create something that won't get lost in a pile of other business cards. is a great source for cards and inspiration.  
Do you have an idea?  I want to hear it!


  1. I typically send out Holiday Cards to all of my current clients and past clients. Its a great way to say hello and also thank them for their business. Its also a great way to stay fresh in their mind and let them know you haven't forgotten about them. Great Tips Kathy!

  2. Great idea Kim! I need to be more consistant.

  3. You always have such great info to pass on to everyone! That's awesome that you share everything so freely (emphasis on the free part-amazing in today's world that you give away what others would charge big bucks for).


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