Blue Thunder

Since I have been encouraging others to post some how-to's (ok bugging them!), I thought I better step up and do the same. The problem is I really am not very good or consistent about taking photos of my work. The only reason I have the photos included here, is because I was experimenting with so many different products and combinations that I had to record some of it or I would never remember what I did. And then I forgot to take photos of the raised design stage!

Hopefully if anyone is even interested in reproducing this finish, you can understand my instructions. If you need help give me shout and I will help you out.

Prime then paint using MM Mystical Green. After primer and metallic paint have dried I rolled Wunda Size over the entire surface. Wunda tacks up in about 15 minutes then you can apply foil (blue, silver, purple) randomly. I went back and added colors over color.
Mix metallic paint in blue and green to Proceed Smooth Absorbent Texture. Trowel on horizontal about 80% coverage.
While Smooth Absorbent is still wet (stays wet a long time) I used a squeegee to lightly drag through horizontally. I used choppy movement as I was dragging.

After completely dry I used mirror finish spray paint for the base stencil, then LusterStone for the smaller design. This is the final result. Interesting how different it looks in the different types of lighting. In person the background is very shiny and bright.

Loft101 Stencils
Dundean Studios - Proceed
Modern Masters - Metallic Paint
Atova - Trowel
Faux Design Studio - LusterStone
Royal Design Studio - Foil
V-Mask - Foil
Rose brand - Wunda Size


  1. Kathy, I love this finish and think it would look fantastic on a backsplash without the stencil... Stencil is nice but the finish is just amazing! love the texture and colors!
    Michele Buchanan


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