Nathan Wainscott

"With a natural inclination toward the creative spirit, a unique approach has always been my preference to every experience and vocation. As an artist, horticulturist and lover of all natural beauty, I find my greatest strength realized in the decorative art of faux finishing.

By recognizing the natural beauty found in elements of stone, marble, wood and leather, we see a true artisan's handy work. I'm astonished, humbled and deeply moved by the opportunity to apply my talent in a way that imitates the divine in such a way.

We all seek beauty; in life, in love, in nature... I dare say it's the secret cry of a longing heart for it's maker. I pursue this beauty in my work and my life, and now offer this passion to you as an expression of the joy and meaning I've found in its pursuit."

How many people can say they are absolutely passionate about their work? Greensboro artisan Nathan Wainscott considers himself truly fortunate to be counted among that number. An expert in faux finishing, Nathan details his artistry each day in beautiful, multi-layered textures and finishes for designers, architects, homeowners and builders. Ceilings, cabinetry, walls and furniture become the canvasses upon which he expresses his colorful and creative talent.
As he collaborates with each client, Nathan is able to bring their vision to life. He believes that his decorative finishes not only enhance the interiors of his clients, they also inspire and influence the mood and atmosphere. Nathan is equally at ease creating the look and feel of distressed leather and Venetian plaster as well as other contemporary and old world finishes. He explains that faux finishing "is as much visual as it is textural.”
Each brushstroke, layer and color reflects Nathan’s love for his craft and his commitment to establishing the warmth and richness that his clients desire.


  1. I love his work. He is on my bucket list.


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