Raising Money to Help Artist's in Need

In October of 2014 there will be a very special painting event to raise money for the Caring With Colors Foundation.  Caring With Colors was founded by Decorative Artists Deb Drager and Lynn Bandyk to help YOU the artist and any family member who may need help if sick.  This is a special retreat only open to past retreat attendees and in lieu of a class fee, students are asked to make a donation to Caring With Colors.  In order to ensure the success of this very important fundraiser, we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with the event, so that all funds raised can go directly toward the Caring With Colors Foundation.

Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for Caring With Colors to provide artists and their families in “the fight” with cancer and other illnesses. We hope that we can count on your support to help us.

Your donation will be listed in our event program and t-shirts, as well as on the event and foundation website and various social media sites, including Groups and Pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter. We also plan on articles in industry related media and video.

Thank you for your time and donation!

Kathy Boyd
Founder Faux Retreat | ArtNest

Please fill out the form if you can help Caring With Colors with any of the following.

*Instructor’s supplies and/or products
*Prize to be given at retreat
*Promotional giveaways
*Donation of money to go directly to foundation for CWC retreat expenses.
*Would you like to attend the retreat and set up an area to demo or show your products? (I have a building just for anyone who would like to do this. The area will be open and available Saturday, October 18.  If you would just like to come and “hang out” for a few days, you are welcome to do that as well. There are some very inexpensive ($25 - $30 night) lodging available within 1 mile.
*Sponsor past student to be able to attend. Either with direct donation or through an online contest.
*Donate Scholarship to CWC for someone to attend future Faux Retreat.
*Other donation

Regardless of the size of the donation, if you have contributed to any of the retreats in the past you will be given lots of mentions in marketing and our sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Form:  http://www.fauxretreat.com/index.php/classes/caring-with-colors

For more information you can contact Deb Drager  brt2007@gmail.com or Lynn Bandky lynn@bellabdecor.com

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