RokRez Pro Clear/Metallic

Used RokRez Pro Clear/Metallic on MDF boards.
Here are the steps:

Sprayed boards with Bulls Eye 123 white. Let dry 30 minutes.
Light sand and tack cloth.

Mixed Metallic thoroughly into activator.
Added metallic activator mix into Clear. Same as always. 2 parts clear to 1 part activator. (Pre-measure activator amount before adding metallic powder)
Mixed 3 minutes.

Poured 1st metallic color on boards. Squeegeed product around. Drizzled in other colors.
15 minutes later splashed surface lightly with Denatured Alcohol.
Let sit 2-3 minutes then hit it quick with a leaf blower to create movement.
Boards will dry with same gloss level.

Total project time about 1 hour.
Easy project for a floor or countertop.

This would make for a great class in your store or an amazing floor!

Samples sell products, not buckets!

Painted floors can be more than gray!

Recipe provided by Jim Hay 


  1. where can I buy this?

    1. The link is on the bottom of the article.

  2. Yeah metallic floors are incredible. I have a 700 sq ft garage at my new home and but is having concrete floor. I wasn’t sure about what to do with the floor but now I am considering some epoxy floor contractors in Toronto to do the epoxy coating over it. Hope it would give a good shine to the floors as the floors that you have shown above.


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