Best Event of the Year for Artists!

On November 3, 2015 Decorative Artists from all over the world will get together for 4 days to take classes from the top instructors in the industry, learn about new products, listen to speakers, and lots more.  Best of all they will get to meet people they may have only chatted with online, make some new connections and friends.

All of this will be in a city known for its amazing art, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Portions of the proceeds will also benefit national and local charity, including Caring With Colors which raises money to help artists who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

There are going to be a lot of fantastic instructors at the ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe this November. Click on the Schedule to view class descriptions.

Instructors will add an additional class day if needed.  For full descriptions go to

Melanie Royals - Printing Your Own Patterned Papers $250

Patti Halstead Schlotterlein - Underground Faux $150

Sheri Zeman - Dynamite Dozen $90

Sheri Zeman - Glitz & Glamour $90

Deb Drager - "Share the Love" ART on canvas workshop $65

Deb Drager - "Giving Thanks" ART on canvas workshop $65

Cindee Lundin - Exterior Bas Relief Art Panel $450 "hands on, location class"

Angel Wynn - Using Photography with Encaustics $195 First class SOLD OUT

Gary Lord - Money Making Woodgrain and Marble $200

Darlene McElroy - Creating Image Transfers & Taking Them to the Next Level $210

Igor Turovskiy - Mica Pigment and Resin Art $200

Shauna Gallagher - Layered With Love: Crossover Finishes $325

Alan Carroll - Painted Ornament $210

Alan Carroll - Grisaille Painting $210

Annie Lemare - Decoration on Water Gilded Surfaces $280

Sheri Hoeger - Trompe L'oeil Mural Class $250

Debbie Hayes - Funky Chunky Finishes for Cabinets and Furniture $195

Speakers   Free for registered event participants.

Dr. Brenda Schaeffer - Where Does Creativity Come From?
Diane Franklin -


FauxFusion - Based on the idea of Iron Chef.  There will be awesome prizes!
Art Sale - ARTFest will be open for any event participants to sell their artwork.  ARTFest will be open to the public and will also include a painted clothes sale.  Now you really have an excuse for getting paint on your clothes!  More info is going to be posted in the ArtFusion Event group soon.

Check the website for a full list of the activities.  You can also find information on travel, lodging, sightseeing and tons more.

Website -
Facebook page - Informational page. Be sure to "Like" the page for a chance to win something special.
Facebook group - This is an interactive group.  Great place to find travel buddies, roommates and more.


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