Massimo Giuliani

“A new truly innovative material is the perfect mix of ideas, creativity, intuition, exhaustive knowledge of our history and curiosity for our future.”

Massimo Giuliani, Novacolor’s decorator

Massimo Giuliani is an international master applicator with over 15years experience on the field. He graduated from the Art School of Cesena (Italy) with a major in painting. He taught various lessons over the world, from Tokyo to Paris, Miami to Nairobi, Milan to New York. Massimo is known for the quality, innovation and creativity of each of his projects.

Highly requested for important projects over the world, Massimo is ready to show new technics to his students, and also take inspiration from the different trends over the world.

Massimo will be coming from Italy to teach at the ArtFusion Event this October in Estes Park, Colorado.  For more information go to


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