Do you know about SALON?

The SALON is a world wide gathering of some of the top
 artists and decorative painters. It is an exciting and unique
 Art show of masters  from different counties who  exhibit  their work; teach master-classes; discuss old and new techniques; products and information in the field.

 The Salon is non-profit organization, which began in
 1992 in  Belgium with a small  gathering of professionals,
 reconvened in 1996 and has been coming together in
 growing numbers every year  since.

 The Salon is now recognized as the most important and
 significant gathering of decorative painters in the world.
 Participants of The Salon include owners and teachers of
 Art school, businesses, independent and commercial
 companies. The Salon is a way for some of the most unique
 traditions within the field  of many  styles of arts and to be
 shared amongst one another and ultimately, passed onto
 participants’ students and future generations.
 Salon is an opportunity to enhances and extend the level of
 communication and cooperation between professional
 artists and  masters-craftsmen from many countries.  As
 well as great source for designers and architects: of ideas,
 styles and options of artistic designs for walls and ceiling in
 private houses or offices.

 The Salon is also a great way for visitors to experience the
 high quality of work present and meet true masters of this
 craft. Everyday ongoing demonstrations and exhibitions
 allow visitors and  participants to view  paintings
 specifically created for  Salon as well as during Salon.
  This is a very unique event and a great opportunity to
 discover the International world of artists and masters-
 craftsmen  at it's best.

Countries of Salon members are:
France - Great Brittan - Norway - Sweden - Canada-
Germany - Italy - Belgium - USA - Denmark - Spain -
Japan - China - Austria - Russia - Holland - Netherlands -
Ireland - Libya - Israel - Greece - Latvia

 Previous Salon Exhibitions:
1992- Salon founded
1996 Quimiac/France
1997 Utrecht/The Netherlands
1998 Alexandria/USA
1999 Norrkoping/Sweden
2000 London/Great Britain
2001 Paris/France
2002 San Antonio/USA
2003 Bruges/Belgium
2004 Oslo/Norway
2005 Philadelphia/USA
2006 Utrecht/The Netherlands
2007 Aarhus/Denmark
2008 Chicago/USA
2009 Bergamo/Italy
2010 Versailles/France
2011 Atlanta/USA
2012 Hamburg/Germany
2013 Tokyo/Japan
2014 Seattle/ USA
2015 Lecce/Italy

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