ArtFusion Event 2017

The hippest International event of the year for Decorative Finishers, Artists, and Designers is back, and this year scheduled for September 20 - 24, 2017 in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Join us for four days of workshops, product and tool demonstrations, exhibitors, public art sale and event parties.  The best part is exploring the latest trends and tools in the industry while meeting and connecting with others in an atmosphere of friendship, sharing and learning.

Although this event was created for Professional Decorative Finishers, this is the fusion of multi art forms and artists, in the hope that we will all grow our skills, portfolio, and most importantly, ourselves. Professionals as well as interested newcomers are welcome to attend.

We are going to stir things up with over 20 workshops!  

Wednesday, September 20

 Day classes
 Ellie Ellis – Bas Relief  - day 1 of 2  $350
 Ali Kay - Painting with Reactives  - day 1 of 2  $400
 Ande Crenshaw and Henri Menendez – Cabinets - day 1 of 2  $475  Technique/Spraying/Production  finishing
 Morey Dunbar – Rollers and foils  $180  Decorative painting

Evening Classes
Igor Turovskiy – Art Resin (day 1 of 2)  $250  Epoxy resin art
Beki VanMeter - Flo-Fusion $150  Acrylic flow techniques
Lora Murphy - Oil and Cold Wax (day 1 of 2) $195  Encaustic

Thursday, September 21

Day Classes
Ellie Ellis – Bas Relief - day 2   
Ali Kay – Painting with Reactives - day 2
Ande Crenshaw and Henri Menendez - day 2
Debbie Hayes - Reverse Psychology: Painting On Glass  $250  Metal reactives+ glass techniques
Sandra Gonzalez – From Walls to Canvas  $210  Decorative painting

Evening classes
Igor – Art Resin (day 2) 
Shauna Gallagher - Multi-Media Abstract Landscape  $150  Canvas art
Lora Murphy - Oil and Cold Wax (day 2) 
Trish McKinney - Wanderlust Watermedia  $175  Watercolor

Friday, September 22

Day classes
Bryan King – Mural Painting  $250  Beginning mural techniques
Sheri Zeman - Modern Finishing  $225  Decorative painting
Beki VanMeter – ArtScapes by Beki  $200  Art Resin
Lora Murphy - Encaustic, a whirlwind trip  $240

Friday Evening Festivities

Exhibitors and demos

Fauxtini Party - Live music - and surprises!

Saturday, September 23

Cindee Lundin – World Class Concrete Tile and Innovative New Concepts in Concrete- day 1 of 2 $450  Carved concrete
Dean Sickler - Mastering Plastering  $250  Italian/Venetian plaster
Patti Halstead - Coastal Coordinates  $225  Cabinet and wall finishes
Oscar Urruela -  "Scagliola" from the Italian baroque to the present day.  $375 Wet plaster techniques

Saturday evening
Michelle Simpson  - Think outside the ink  $100  Alcohol ink
Trish McKinney – You Should be Gellin  $175  Gel stains

Saturday evening entertainment

B I N G O  Come dressed as your favorite artist.  Prize for best costume!

Sunday, September 24

Cindee Lundin – World Class Concrete Tile and Innovative New Concepts in Concrete- day 2
Camille Caballero – Cali Love!  $175  Decorative painting
Cynthia Davis - Stunning Canvas Art with Unusual Stencils  $255  Canvas art
Aliya Riaz - Way Beyond Gilding  $225  Gold leaf techniques


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