The Search for the Perfect Plaster.

I am a huge fan of wall plastering!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a huge fan of the now defunct Safra products.  I started using the Safra products in the late 90's.  It was a sad day for me and many others when they decided to stop manufacturing the plasters.  Hard economic times had hit Europe.  For years I have been looking for a replacement plaster.  Some came close to the lime and resin plasters I used from Safra, but not close enough for me to stop trying new ones.  Well, not until I tried Cadoro Plasters that is. 

I should back up and say that I use a lot of different plasters and brands depending on the job/decorative finish I am doing.  For some jobs the need for a very high quality plaster isn't needed.  Maybe it is something I am going to glaze over or my clients want a lower cost alternative, aka lower quality product.  Different plasters can and do achieve different looks.  However, for a mid to highly polished plaster, a Marmorino or Tadelakt, I would definitely use Cadoro. 

Cadoro Plasters was developed by Darrell Morrison of Vancouver. Darrell was first introduced to plaster finishings during a plastering apprenticeship in Phoenix, Arizona. He was immediately taken with plaster’s artful quality and endless creative potential. Fast-forward Seventeen years and over 500 masterpieces later. From luxury, multi-million dollar penthouses to retail outlets and doctor’s offices, Morrison’s artistry can be seen throughout the Lower Mainland at locations like Versace (Thulow/Alberni), Chambar Restaurant, Hope Hospital and many more places.  Because of his own hands-on experience with plasters, Darrell had the expertise to create the finest plasters. 

I was fortunate to have recently taken a class with Darrell in Italy as part of Faux Retreat.  Although Darrell has been using plasters for many years, has numerous YouTube "how to" videos, this was Darrell's debut class.  Overwhelming success was echoed by each of his students.  I have taken many plaster classes, but I can honestly say that Darrell brought to the class information that I have never heard an instructor give.  You can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

For more information on the Cadoro Plasters go to  Darrell is also a distributor of CO.ME Tools.  The maker of the finest stainless steel trowels.


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