Golden Circle

SetCoat Off White
MoonGlow Silver
Pale Metallic Paint
Proceed Transparent Glazing Gel
Exotic Roller
Retreat Stencil

  1. Base with off white SetCoat
  2. Trowel on MoonGlow Silver covering 85.4%
  3. Trowel on second coat about 65.5%
  4. Mix Pale Gold Metallic paint with Proceed Transparent Glazing Gel.
  5. Apply mixture with trowel covering at 75.2%
  6. Using Exotic roller, lightly roll over the surface.  Let dry
  7. Position stencil (Retreat Circles) and trowel MoonGlow Silver through stencil.  Let dry
  8. Alternating between iridescant blue and gold wax, use a flat sponge to apply over surface. 


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