We’re operating in a time of uncertainty and fear due to the coronavirus. Schools have been closed, as have countless businesses.. Many, if not most, public events have been canceled. 
Obviously this will impact our national and local economy. The question is, how much and how long will it last? What’s the new normal look like? How can we get through this period of uncertainty?
Relative to the human element, small businesses will bear the brunt of this situation. We must do what we can to stay strong. Soon we’ll be entering a new normal. But until that happens, and things level out, you might be wondering, is it appropriate to market your business during the coronavirus crisis? And, how to do it. 
With the right approach, it’s not only appropriate to market your business, but you should!. 
Here are things to consider when marketing your business during the coronavirus crisis:
  1. Show how you’re providing resources, education and support to your customers.  Maybe offer reduced or even free design advice via FaceTime or Skype, or color consultations.  
  2. Provide consistent updates on your progress and also share your business continuity plan. It could be helpful to others.
  3. Provide tips and insights into what you’re seeing in the market, relative to your business.
  4. Check your pre-scheduled social media posts. Make sure they match the tone of the current environment.


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