How Creatives Should use Linkedin

Linkedin can be an effective tool in your marketing, engaging with professionals all over the world.

Creatives can use LinkedIn to meet architects, artists, interior designers, potential clients, and other successful art professionals. This can greatly extend your reach.

Become Active Groups:
  • Join in and participate in group discussions.
  • Be sure to “Like” discussions, posts and comments.
You Are Networking Not Selling:
  • Networking online isn't much different than networking in person.
  • I am immediately turned off when someone comes into a group and starts trying to sell something.  Even worse is when they try to sell to me through my message box.  I like to get to know what someone is like first.
Build a network:
  • Contacts from past jobs.
  • Your customers
  • Your suppliers
  • Members of groups you belong to.
  • People in the art and business worlds who you would like to be connected.

Don’t look at LinkedIn as a venue to shout “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff…”, think of it as an opportunity to build a valuable network and relationships.


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