Vintage Glitter Bulbs

Remember these fun holiday bulbs? Some of you may even still decorate with them! This year I decided to give them a fab makeover!

Unscrew the bulbs, and coat each one with some Elmers glue. Sprinkle glitter all over & tap to remove excess.

Set to dry & figure out how you will display these sparkling beauties!
On a wreath?
In a bowl?
Gift tags?

My little gal grabbed a few for her room to be displayed with her decorations!

So easy to make & I love the retro feel!

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RokRez Pro Clear/Metallic

Used RokRez Pro Clear/Metallic on MDF boards.
Here are the steps:

Sprayed boards with Bulls Eye 123 white. Let dry 30 minutes.
Light sand and tack cloth.

Mixed Metallic thoroughly into activator.
Added metallic activator mix into Clear. Same as always. 2 parts clear to 1 part activator. (Pre-measure activator amount before adding metallic powder)
Mixed 3 minutes.

Poured 1st metallic color on boards. Squeegeed product around. Drizzled in other colors.
15 minutes later splashed surface lightly with Denatured Alcohol.
Let sit 2-3 minutes then hit it quick with a leaf blower to create movement.
Boards will dry with same gloss level.

Total project time about 1 hour.
Easy project for a floor or countertop.

This would make for a great class in your store or an amazing floor!

Samples sell products, not buckets!

Painted floors can be more than gray!

Recipe provided by Jim Hay 

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Remembering Doyle L. Self II

Doyle Self

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Doyle Self.  Cancer had once again claimed another victim.  I was just one of thousands that Doyle either taught or inspired with his love, really his passion of Venetian plastering.

I first got to know Doyle in 2003 when I was looking for a plaster expert to be a moderator on Talk Faux Forum. I had done some research and several people I had talked to told me to ask Doyle, they said he owned the School of Italian Plasters, was the exclusive distributor for Safra products and he was considered my many to be the "king" of the plaster industry. I think it took me a week to finally work up the courage to ask him, but when I did, Doyle immediately accepted and then spent about 30 minutes giving me a history lesson on plasters and telling me why most likely my plastering sucked! Ha!  He wasn't wrong!

Thank you Doyle for all the plastering help you gave me and the countless others in the industry either through classes at your Atlanta, California or Texas School of Italian Plaster locations, through industry conventions and events, forums, phone calls or countless other ways.  You will be missed!

Happy trowels to you Doyle!

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A very special painting retreat....We are Caring With Colors

Six days, nine instructors and ten classes...all for a donation to Caring With Colors.

In October 2014 there will be a special painting retreat to raise money for the Caring With Colors Foundation.  Caring With Colors was founded by Decorative Artists Deb Drager and Lynn Bandyk to help you, the artist. 

Help us, help one of you!  Click here to find out how and join the list below.

Some of the wonderful people and businesses who have already donated money, product, supplies, and themselves to the October event include.....

Cutting Edge Stencils
Faux Effects International
Modern Masters
Royal Design Stencils
Proceed System
Faux Retreat
Frog Tape
Art Rollers by Xeim
Victoria Larsen Stencils
Earth Pigments
Faux Design Studio
Loft101 Stencils
Infinity Foils
Wunda Size by Rosebrand
LUXX Hotel
What The Heck
Soulfood Music Inc.

Special thank you to the following....
Deb Drager
Lynn Bandky
Sheri Zeman (Faux Designs Studio, Loft101 Stencils)
Janna Makaeva (Cutting Edge Stencils)
Melanie Royals (Royal Design Studio)
Greg Sargema (Modern Masters)
Donna Hart (Golden Artist Color)
Donna Phelps (Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishes )
Diane Walsh
David Royal
Charity Huot
Brenda Schaeffer
Mike Metcalf
Heidi Schaeffer
Dori Anderson 
Shauna Gallagher
Jeanene Dean
Janice M. Saunders 
Georgia king 
George Carper 
Cindy Feddersen 
Izabella Fabrizio
Jay Lewis 
Tara Novak 
Diane OConnor  
Patricia Jelen
Staci Mize
Jan Moody
Charlee King Adam
Debra Johnson 
Beki VanMeter
Ande Crenshaw

Faux retreat is Caring With Colors.  October 16 - 21
Classes by Deb Drager, Sheri Zeman, Donna Phelps, Shauna Gallagher, Cindy Feddersen, George Carper, Staci Mize, Pat Jelen, Kathy Boyd  If you are interested in joining us, you can click here to see how.

We are a bunch of decorative painters coming together to learn, create, have fun and share a wonderful experience, all while raising money for cancer research and to help those fighting cancer.

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Raising Money to Help Artist's in Need

In October of 2014 there will be a very special painting event to raise money for the Caring With Colors Foundation.  Caring With Colors was founded by Decorative Artists Deb Drager and Lynn Bandyk to help YOU the artist and any family member who may need help if sick.  This is a special retreat only open to past retreat attendees and in lieu of a class fee, students are asked to make a donation to Caring With Colors.  In order to ensure the success of this very important fundraiser, we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with the event, so that all funds raised can go directly toward the Caring With Colors Foundation.

Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for Caring With Colors to provide artists and their families in “the fight” with cancer and other illnesses. We hope that we can count on your support to help us.

Your donation will be listed in our event program and t-shirts, as well as on the event and foundation website and various social media sites, including Groups and Pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter. We also plan on articles in industry related media and video.

Thank you for your time and donation!

Kathy Boyd
Founder Faux Retreat | ArtNest

Please fill out the form if you can help Caring With Colors with any of the following.

*Instructor’s supplies and/or products
*Prize to be given at retreat
*Promotional giveaways
*Donation of money to go directly to foundation for CWC retreat expenses.
*Would you like to attend the retreat and set up an area to demo or show your products? (I have a building just for anyone who would like to do this. The area will be open and available Saturday, October 18.  If you would just like to come and “hang out” for a few days, you are welcome to do that as well. There are some very inexpensive ($25 - $30 night) lodging available within 1 mile.
*Sponsor past student to be able to attend. Either with direct donation or through an online contest.
*Donate Scholarship to CWC for someone to attend future Faux Retreat.
*Other donation

Regardless of the size of the donation, if you have contributed to any of the retreats in the past you will be given lots of mentions in marketing and our sincere and heartfelt thanks.


For more information you can contact Deb Drager or Lynn Bandky

Faux Retreat© 218-940-3095

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Faux Tiles DIY

Easy backsplash finish.

1. Prime area with off white Faux Effects SetCoat.  
2. After SetCoat is dry trowel Faux Effects AquaStone  through Victoria Larsen's tile stencil. Let dry overnight. 
3. Randomly pounce on tile sections (leave stencil on) Faux Effects Tundra Gold MetalGlow and Rustoleum Metallic Copper Penny. Let dry. 
4. Apply Wunda Size to tile sections and after it tacks up (roughly 30 minutes) apply foil. I used Copper Rainbow. If you have not used decorative foil before, be sure that you lay the foil color side facing up.  Use a stiff brush or a scrubby pad to rub the foil on the tiles.  
5.  To protect the finish I recommend using Sherwin Williams ArmourSeal 1K or Modern Masters MasterClear Topcoat.

I bought all my Faux Effects and Wunda Size products from Faux Design Studio.
Victoria Larsen has several stone and backsplash stencils.
The decorative foil was purchased from

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