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Farewell to our friend and colleague

I know I am feeling like a lot of you who knew Ron Hansen, numb with disbelieve that this gentle and extremely talented man is gone from us.

Although I had known Ron since the late 90's, I first met him in person when he taught at a Faux Retreat in 2012.  Ron didn't think he had anything to offer as an instructor and it took some pestering on my part to convince him how interested people would be in a class with him.  When Ron arrived at the retreat I was struck by how soft spoken he was and how generous he was with the others at the retreat, answering questions about his finishes and techniques.

The first evening of the retreat Ron received a phone call with devastating news.  While various plans were being discussed on how to get Ron home, he ultimately decided that he wanted to stay at the retreat for the time being.  Being at the retreat with two Nebraska natives and friends Jan Joyce and Joyce Nelson, and rooming with Jay Lewis, as well as being around the other loving a…

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