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Featured Company...Color Atelier

COLOR ATELIER is a San Francisco-based paint company owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Burju K. and Olivier Garnier.

Olivier, a former paint chemist, started his career at early age in France, and comes from a generations of artisans family who produce, and install decorative finishes in Europe. Olivier is exceptionally talented with finishes, and worked with a long and impressive list of clients around the globe. He founded Color Atelier with his wife Burju, with a passion to create the finest U.S. made natural finishes. Burju has a master degree in International Business and a trained eye for interior design and color. She oversees the brand and all things business.

We believe in the beauty and power of pure, honest, and authentic materials, and techniques. Our line is a small batch paint and plaster available in a curated palette of pre-mixed colors each with hand-crafted depth and texture. We have invested in the finest ingredients, and practiced traditional European …

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